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The Sloppy Boys Paradiso Cassette


With an album cover you can't help but get caught holding 3 inches from your face and squinting at, The Sloppy Boys are back with 10 more solidified golden tracks of giggles & mischief! Compacted into this convenient, durable, clear cassette w/ yellow leader, these three musketeers will take you on a wild journey you surely soon won't forget. Songs like the grungy, medieval esque "Tha Mastah Bong Rippah," and the innocent, satirically naive graduation ballad "College Night" have become overnight staples in the Slop Head community. From "One Last Bender" to "Full-Blown Free-for-All," the entirety of this album perfectly complements the rest of the trifecta that is The Sloppy Boys Trilogy. You too will find yourself never wanting to leave this slice of Paradiso, and the best part is — you don't have to!